Count your…blessings?!!!

Exhaustion never made anyone’s day better. Ever!

My man had been working more than a normal 40 hr week. Health was once again depleting. And I was fed up. I’d spent time online, looking over pinterest boards as part of my blogging. Articles I read outlined others abilities and their lifestyle, their normalness hit a screeching cord inside my weary self.

It made me want to take hold of shoulders and lovingly, desperately shake facts into these folks. You have a life. You have a normal functioning body. You have the ability to be with and enjoy others at (almost) all times. The ability to work out and push your body? Did you know that is something special?!

They don’t know how good they have it. The ability to garden until the work is done? The ability to raise and family and still have a life? The finances to buy __________ custom-made item?! The energy to invest into your marriage?


When my man came home to an untouched house, he and I laid on the bed and talked. I was tired of being sick, tired of hitting health issues, tired of being tired. I’m tired of wanting to and being unable give more to him, my friends, the people around me.

He heard. He empathized. He knows this part of our reality better than anyone else.

But he had his own perspective, a perspective from the work field, people he brushes shoulders with who I do not. People with messed up lives.

He shared about big talkers and little doers, about ingrained patterns that destroy. In many cases, hopeless situations. And then he spoke the gospel truth.

“We do have something, something real and deep.”

I forget.

Perhaps I haven’t had enough exposure to that side of life. But he was right.

We continued to discuss what we did have, things he had seen a lack of in 40+ year old men.

We were both raised in families who cultivated love and respect for God Himself. As a result, we were taught to respect authorities over us. We were taught to be learners. We were taught to apply ourselves, to do the job well and see it through to the finish regardless of how difficult the task might seem.

We were taught to cultivate and maintain good relationships with those around us. We knew our need for forgiveness and our need to extend it.

Money. We were taught through parent’s example, to manage our money. We learned to deny instant gratification, learned to wait, to save.

As we talked, I realized we aren’t where so many are. We don’t have a high income. We have to pay for no-coverage Lyme treatments oftener than I like. We live on one income. We live simply. We’re still renting.

But we have hope! We’re only beginning. We have what we need to move forward in finances, relationships and integrity. We don’t have lots to our name. But we have lots in other ways. Invaluable ways.

“So amid the conflict, whether great or small/do not be discouraged God is over all/count your many blessings money cannot buy/your reward in heaven and your home on high.”

An oldie, but I did find it running through my head tonight. Its true. We have the blessings that matter most: good relationships with God and man, a strong work ethic, the ability to move forward slow though it may be.

Count the blessings…those money cannot buy.

Peace settled into the disturbed heart for that night.

When you can't see earthly blessings...

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