The Need for a Multi-Faceted Strategy

When I first began searching for treatments for Lyme disease, I soon discovered I was in the chronic category and that this infection was always going to be present in my body.

In my first flailing attempts I tried many different things (as most everyone has!). My first ‘natural’ attempt was taking salts in large doses. Somewhere on the internet I found the story of someone who had taken large doses of salt internally and it had help kill off some of the parasites present in their body. It made my hair fall out, but beyond that I had no success.

I had appointments for blood analysis’, which showed underlying issues of deficiencies and such. And I even got to see a parasite in my bloodstream. It may have helped a wee bit, but the cost of vitamins and supplements took a toll financially.

I tried changing my diet drastically, incorporated lots of juicing, both of kale and vegetables, sleeping more, bought tinctures from the The Healing Arts Partnership  run by Marty D. Ross MD (located in Seattle, Washington) which did help a bit. I tried any and everything I could think of.

After a while I realized my tactic was all wrong. First, lots of money was going out and everything I tried was merely pinching and poking at this disease! I suddenly realized I needed a destructive force that would kick this disease in the pants! Surely there was something out there.

I had considered antibiotics, liked them because of their destructive nature but after talking with others who had tried (in the chronic stage), I decided against it. I didn’t want to be on and off of pharmaceutical items for the rest of my life! Usually, there were side effects from it. Somehow, its just didn’t seem right. So I continued to rest and eat healthy, waiting for something somewhere to open.

When it did, I realized my error. Lyme disease is complex. To deal with it and recover life, I had to realized multi-faceted tactics were necessary! 

Eating Well

The North American food system is broken. As a result, lack of nutrition and chemicals found in our diet breaks the body down. A change to natural, wholesome food is needed. I have a brief overview on the things I incorporated into my diet at this link. You’ll find recipes and other methods for incorporating good food where I blog about natural living as a mostly-recovered Lymie at


Detox: Helping the Body Expel the Bad

Help the body release “junk” caused by the toxins in our food and specifically, Lyme parasites. Even as they die off (naturally or through your attempts), it causes a ruckus! Help eliminate through eating good food, regular bowel movement, good water intake and sweating. These are the most basic methods. And aside from Lyme?

We’re regularly exposed to toxins through the sprays, the pesticides and roundup used to ‘protect’ our food from bacteria and pests. GMO anyone? And not just that, but I believe my mercury dental fillings, household cleaners, hygienic good/makeup, gas ranges, laundry detergent, paint, vehicle related fumes, etc also give my body extra work.

Please hear me: I’m not suggesting you stop driving your car, rip out your teeth or stop washing your hair!!! We will be exposed to toxins, regardless of the lifestyle we live. Accept it, replacing what you can in the home when you are able. Ideas and methods I’ve incorporated into my own home can be found at my second blog (see link above). Know that I was well into my healing journey before I began replacing all of these things! They are secondary. Detoxing? Priority! And it is what I focused on in the beginning year or two!


Rest & De-stressing

On the whole, we live in a very busy culture. And we put ourselves in situations where stress is high. Sometimes we have to in order to get by. I absolutely understand that! But I also understand that without rest, the body can’t re-build. It is essential. Training yourself for earlier bedtimes, napping or even just ‘being quiet’ can help. I could sleep almost all day in the heart of my sickness. I believe it helped my body heal.

And when my hormones were off sleep patterns went crazy, leading me to 1 am bedtimes where I missed the most rejuvenating sleep hours. It was rough. Try to incorporate rest. It absolutely is part of the healing process! Be guilt free about sleeping. Its the best thing you can do for your body!

Kill & Destroy

Finally, choose a plan of attack. Time to get serious. All the detoxing, rest and good food in the world can’t combat Lyme disease! Here is where the GB 4000 came into play, the frequency transmitting device. In my experience, it was a serious killer for Lyme, king co-infections of Bartonella and Babesia. Starting slow and with serious detoxing was the name of my game. And it worked. It worked when nothing else had! I recovered about 70% of my life while using it.

And then the 2nd health center I recently visited addressed the issues I believe were caused by unknown co-infections. They also gave me ‘killing’ and ‘healing’ tinctures, immune supports and ordered me to rest anytime I could. They also helped me re-balance my adrenals! It pushed me up to 85%-89% functionality.


How I wish I’d known this strategy when I first delved into Lyme disease! Healing must be a multi-faceted attempt. Instead, I learned it the difficult way, through trial and error.

Lest anyone should feel overwhelmed at this post, know the changes outlined didn’t come at once. Adjusting your diet takes time-especially if you are just learning to cook! Learning to rest can be quite the technique if you are a driven person! Replacing mercury fillings may be an option down the road. For me, its been a 5-6 year journey. It won’t happen overnight. That would be far too overwhelming! Remember change comes one step at a time. Don’t stress about it; that usually defeats healing!

Remember: one step at a time!