Part F: Let the Healing Begin!

Part 11

I went, with a bit of trembling in my heart. It was what I had hoped for. I was sick while there but not nearly as extreme as I had thought. I learned about diet, how Lyme lives in my body, about nutrition, vitamins and best sources, detoxification methods and how extremely important they are when dealing with Lyme disease. I learned of frequencies, how to run a machine that omits them which in turn kill off viruses, bacteria and of course, parasites. I did a parasite cleanse while there, learned various ways to do this. The focus of this center is to equip its visitors so that they can carry on with treatments in their own home. And that is exactly what I did.

After a 3 week visit during which I met, Amish, Mennonite, and other people from various backgrounds, I returned to Canada with extra powders, pills and a booklet of notes. I was already having days were I felt clear and clean inside and other where I felt completely groggy and moody. But those days of clearness gave hope that wasn’t easily dampened!

Treatments now took anywhere from 3-4 hours per day. Using my frequency-transmitting machine, detoxing my body after and before, juicing, keeping up on healthy meals, sitting in the little, infra-red box sauna I had given to me, even fever treatments kept things going round. Some days I felt as if I couldn’t do it. Too much. It was too much.

Some days all I could manage was sitting under frequencies and some days I just had to take a break and allow my body to get all the dead, microscopic worms out of its system. I did coffee based enemas regularly, sometimes feeling as though I would barf all over everywhere, so unable was my body to deal with all the die off that took place, especially in those first 5 months. After an enema the desire to barf would go away and my body would feel clean again, though sometimes I had to do it up to 3x per day.

The journey was a hard one. I hated some of the treatments, particularly the fever baths. Raising my temperature to 102F 2-3x per week was the dreaded action of evening yet I felt the most invigorated the morning after. I would actually wake up feeling clean and alert inside. My body was coming alive once again. I’d pass most biofilms the morning after.

I had no one to keep my on this schedule. Looking back, I don’t know how I did it, steadily plodding away day after day. I do believe my man my biggest inspiration. I wanted to be with him, so desperately wanted to be able to make a life with him. When we’d talk in the evenings, I’d prepare for bed before he called, crawl in and talk until I became too tired. After saying goodbye I’d turn off the phone, the bedside lamp and fall fast asleep. He was my lifeline in those times.

Social life was still pulling on me. My friends had slipped into the background. I was thankful for a good roommate, someone I loved and respected but we did have separate lives. Connecting with her was a breath of fresh air as she was such a caring individual. She and one other friend, my brother and his wife who lived across the street from my du-plex were my social circle outside of my boyfriend and his family.

I felt guilty as other friendships slipped by. Everyone became accustomed to my constant “no” and lack of initiation. I was like one dead. Strangely enough, I didn’t want others to be part of my life. I felt like a sinking ship, battling to keep the prow above water. To hear friends talk, feeling alone and the grief that I was not as I once was would easily rock the boat. Never before had I felt so vulnerable in all areas of life. I needed a haven, a place to hide. And so, for the sake of survival, I hid.

Other hobbies needed to be re-discovered. I’ve loved nature, music and art so I took up painting. Piano was still a bit too much on tender, sensitive ears which strangely enough were hyper-sensitive to loud noises at times. Painting, nature/outdoor photography, haunting ponds where ducks had returned from the south and moose watching. The flowers came out in the summer and these I also enjoyed. I had to search, but I did find it here and there.


Part 12

I remember the day. At first I was uncertain if treatments were actually working. I was told it would take 3-4 months before I saw results. When doing such intense treatments, it took a lot of faith. At that point, I felt there was no other alternative.

And finally? The moment came where I realized I felt “cleaner” inside. My brain had moments of clarity! Joy of all joys! I could focus again. And then the curtain would fall but those minutes were enough to give me incentive to move forward. Slowly, steadily things began improving. I could go without a nap for one whole day! Laugh with me now, but then?! I felt it was the best thing that ever happened to me!

But the true turning point came when I hiked the mountain. I was visiting my boyfriend’s family and he decided we ought to go for a hike. I agreed to try so long as we went slowly.

I did it! I hiked to the top of a mountain! Never have I experienced such excitement when so exhausted. Suddenly, I knew. I was healing.

First mountain-top hiked in 4 years!
First mountain-top hiked in 5+ years!

My legs were like jelly going down and I was losing my fine-tunedness but To this day, my man tells me he’s never seen me so giddy. I believed, felt the proof that I was winning the battle. Really and truly. My treatments were working!

From there, things progressed slow and steady. And in the midst of being a part-time nanny, I decided I ought to quit so that I ought to focus entirely on treatments. My boyfriend and I were thinking we’d found each other to be that special one and we wanted to move ahead.

I didn’t know it at the time, but he already had the ring.

But how could we move ahead, unless I improved? My boyfriend’s parents offered to let me live with them. They also had a GB 4000 with a plasma bulb which was stronger than my handheld attachments. It looked like a good offer.

I quit my job with confirmation from the family I worked for. And I went to live with my future in-laws.