Part G: Gold Rings & Root Canals

Part 13

I moved in with my boyfriend’s family (a risky step I know!) and continued to move forward from there. Improvements were coming faster under the plasma bulb as it was much stronger. I also joined up with a holistic northern program that allowed me to have mercury fillings replaced with amalgam, heavy metals flushed from the system and had extensive testing done for food allergies, adrenals, organ function, etc.

I was beginning to lightly work out again. Living in the country did something for me, as did the healthy food and ability to rest when needed. I was advancing, but after several months of using the plasma bulb, progress seemed to slow. I couldn’t tell if it was doing anything for me.

I had been instructed to continue for up to 2 years: the first, building up to full time, then 2-3x per week in the second year. I had also been informed that though it would appear nothing was taking place, I ought to continue.

I was feeling well enough to travel that summer, so my fella took time off work to make a trip down south to visit my family. Upon arriving for an overnight stay on the journey, my boyfriend’s grandma came rushing out of the farm house to give us a hug. She zoned in on my hands, as if searching for something.

“No ring yet?” was her comment. I laughed.

“No. No ring yet, grandma; and there probably won’t be for a long while!” Yes, I already called her grandma. She’s just one of those grandma-ish people.

My fella gulped.

And we went inside for a visit. With a week-long vacation ahead of us I had packed my sauna, GB 4000 and all the “natural” things necessary for a relatively enjoyable vacation. We made it, though I did find sitting in a car for long amounts of time to be horrid! My body always felt sickly and I felt overloaded with toxins.

We made it! A while there, we decided to hike Saddle Mountain, located in Clatsop County. I loved that hike. In one direction was the ocean while a 180 spin beheld the white crowning peaks of Mt Hood, Adams and others. All around, the mountains of the cascade range. Lovely! Though I wasn’t feeling so good from our long trip I wanted to go! I’d decide in the morning, before they left. My fella had worked to make a pie (I love pie) that day, just for the hike.

Oh well, it was one of those things I had gotten used to: ruining people’s plans! Little did I know, he also stayed up late to have a “heart-to-heart chat” with my father.

With mostly younger siblings running ’round, I slowly hiked at the back of the crew. It wasn’t a highly difficult climb. I just needed to keep my heart-rate down. And we made it! I breathed and soaked it in: flowers, grasses, rocks and view to behold. Photos to be snapped and lunches to be eaten.

I asked my fella if I could sit on his sweater (he’d packed one up while most of us wore shorts) ’cause there were pokies in the grass where I sat. He took great care in bundling up his hoodie, carefully arranging it for me.

Suddenly after lunch one of the sisters decided it was time to head back down. But my fella wasn’t ready to go.

“Let’s just sit here together and eat our blackberry pie”

Of course. It would be nice to sit beside him and savor our pieces of pie. Slowly I dug in, my taste buds feasting as did my eyes on the scenery around. Suddenly, he said he needed to “use the bushes,” and was gone

I looked down in surprise to see his pie was also gone.

“Did he even chew it?” I wondered. But no worries. He does eat lots and fast. I looked past the mountains, over into the blue of the sea. And suddenly he was back. Long story shortened, the thought crossed my mind that this might be a proposal?  But it ended when he place a frozen trout head in my hand.

“Uhm, what am I supposed to do with this?” I questioned. It looked like the head of the coastal cutthroat trout my youngest sister had caught the day before on a mostly fish-less float trip. I didn’t mind as I love fishing and really, I enjoy the smell of fish. But why pack it up the mountain?!

“Look inside” was his response. The mouth was mostly frozen shut. And as blood from the melting fish head dripped onto my bare leg and ran down into my shoe (really, truly it did!), I saw a glitter of gold. And I began crying.

I said "yes"

He wanted me. In spite of the unknown, of my struggles, my ups and downs, he was willing to say yes to a lifetime. I was happy but I also felt very broken again. It had been a difficult relationship with so many unknowns. He was ready. He was willing. Was I?

I choked out the most sincere “yes” I’d ever given. We took a moment to take some photos, then began back down the mountain hand in hand, talking about how unreal it seemed. Were we really going to be married?

And then, I saw the strip of rock I’d wanted to climb on the way up. Away I went and as the picture reveals…I felt on top of the world and as if it had opened up to me.

It’s still one of my favorite pictures:

That point sticking up at the end…that’s me!


Part 14

And now, back down to earth!

I began having trouble with my teeth…I knew it was coming as I had neglected them due to lack of finances. Two of three root canals were leaking bacteria as they had not been capped.

I couldn’t afford a dentist. I had just pulled all my money from my back account because I was seriously losing money by leaving it in. Without an income, monthly fees would eat away at what I did have. I closed it down with less than $15 in my account.

Funny how the accountant didn’t try to keep my business! I wonder why?!

I’d been thinking about my teeth and wondering what to do. Canadian dentists wouldn’t pull my root canals. I’d read of Dr Weston Price’s theory on root canals and I surely didn’t want anything to help my Lyme disease further control the body! I don’t even remember if I prayed specifically, but suddenly I was taking a vacation to Mexico with my boyfriend’s sisters and $800 came in from someone (I don’t know who) for any treatment expenses I might have!

Away we went, I to find a good dentist and have a vacation!

And we did, though having 5 teeth pulled in one sitting hardly qualifies as having a “good” vacation! I did thoroughly enjoy my time there.

Upon returning, my energies rose another notch in spite of not being able to eat much for protein foods! I was moving forward and even exercising more. Hope. I could have hope of one day living life with my fella!