Part Z: Life Today

I’m still learning about Lyme disease, how it affects my body, what I can or cannot do. I imagine I always will be in observation of it.

I’d been collecting my information for a long while. Way back when I was first clinically diagnosed I was told to record my information as it may help me (or others) at some point and time.

I did, sometimes with gaps. But I tried to keep track of symptoms and issues, how my body responded to things. I certainly have times where I don’t remember anything.

In spite of returning to health, I was feeling the emptiness of life. After having worked closely with young adults in a Bible college setting, I found myself wishing to have an impact on someone’s life. Somehow, I’m not content to sit back and watch the world move by.

I want to contribute but my life has so changed. I don’t always relate well with those my age. Most of what I’ve known the past 8 years has revolved around health, nutrition & new foods, treatments, detoxes, learning to accept limitations and live with them. Give me a granny any day and I’ll bet I could communicate with her soul better’n I could with someone my age!

I was talking to God about this, feeling the pull. And I realized I wanted to share my story with those battling Lyme disease or chronic illnesses. The pulling went on for a while. My man and I discussed it but decided a good blog was an extra expense we didn’t need.

He thought we should wait and see. So I prayed a simple prayer that evening:

Father, if this blogging things is a good idea and if now is the time, would You provide the money from somewhere? You’ve done it for me before. Make it clear.”

The next morning I opened my email and there was a message from a friend:

“For two fantastic people for whatever God is laying on your heart. “

And with the message was an Interact E-transfer that more than covered the expenses to set up a blog!


That is how this blog was birthed. God provided.

But the story doesn’t stop there. I was having an incredibly difficult time working on it. Going back into those times of sickness, pulling up memories and trying to word everything properly wasn’t filling my tank. It was draining me.

I wanted to blog about life as I now live it (which is why there is now a second blog: So happy to put the past behind and move forward to whatever would come, I found my vigor lacking for this particular blog while I almost drooled over the other.

Finally, we sat down to pray about it. I needed a break-through. That evening, it was given to us and I had fresh incentive to move forward.

Where this blog is headed, I’m not certain! But my sincerest hope is that it would help those battling with chronic illnesses.

“My soul, wait in silence for God only, for my hope is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation; my stronghold, I shall not be greatly shaken.”