Lyme Disease’s Best Kept Secret

I was healing. I had my root canals removed, my organs were functioning (relatively) well, exercise became a regular part of everyday life. But I never could progress beyond a particular point. I had a co-infection of Babesia (clinical diagnosis through Igenix Lab, CA) and had used a frequency transmitter to deal with it. Now, there was something else. I didn’t know what. But I was stuck on something.”

In my sphere of learning, co-infections were hardly talked about. I have discovered they are equally important to deal with if I wish to gain control of my body. Co-infection refer to other bacteria, parasites, fungi and more. There are at least 24 of these infections, the ‘kings’ being Bartonella and Babesia. Its incredibly rare that a person contract Lyme alone. Everyone I know also had at least 1 co-infection. Generally, there are more than one transmitted when the tick bites.

Co-infections aid Lyme in their elusiveness, wear down the immune system, and weaken the body. A person can begin to heal but will never reach their fullest recovery potential if co-infections are left to run rampage. They not only hurt the body but also protect Lyme, enabling it to continue its destructive work, elude detection and more. If researching Lyme disease, you’ll hear the term ‘onion layers.’ It is challenging to figure which is ‘on the top layer.’ Is it the Lyme itself? Is it a co-infection? Which one? Often treatments change up every couple days due to the quick change for survival of the infections.

In my personal life, I was hitting the Lyme, experiencing the toxicity of the dead ones in my system, yet I reached a standstill. Through newer testing, it turned out I had 5 other co-infections. Five! My body was fighting and though the Lyme aspect was “under control,” my body had all that to deal with! Since receiving treatment for it, I have moved forward another 2-3 steps in energy. I do more in my day. Less naps are needed. I automatically wake up earlier-now its frustratingly early! And I’ve even begun working casually on top of gardening and teaching music.

Co-infections must be dealt with for a recovery. They simply must. Don’t overlook the importance of it.