Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

I kept hearing it, first from one source, then another. Thanks to the wild rumors that came from people who ‘stretched the truth,’ I kept putting it aside. Chinese medicine? What can herbs do to address my needs? Can they kill off hoards of parasites that flit through my body at will? Can the penetrate biofilms and remove co-infections of who-knows-what?!

I didn’t even know what! But I was sure they were there.

And then, a doorway opened. One phone call, one chat and suddenly, I was hooked. A holistic practice and what it was all about, I didn’t even know! But I was going

Co-infections. I had a strong suspicion that there were unaddressed ones flowing through my body. And I wasn’t going to push through until they were dealt with! So we went to the health center, with suspicion hovering high!

We were pleasantly surprised. Down-to-earth, friendly and engaging. Logical, with an explanation for everything they did. After taking their recommended tincture and supplements for 2 months, I began noticing a difference. Their recommendations and practice dealt with the symptoms I was having! Not only did they address them, but also looked to boost the body’s immune system and other organs. Wonderful!

I highly recommend these guys to anyone out there. Contact me personally for more information. You won’t receive a diagnoses here. But your symptoms may be dealt with!

To us, they are worth every penny, sincerely and honestly want to help us push through. Its not just people like me! While sitting in the waiting area we chatted with those coming and going. Over and over we heard the story: “yes, they’ve helped when nothing else would!”

These guys were my break-through. Amazing as frequency therapy is, there are not tried and true frequencies for all of what comes with Lyme. This practice was my ticket out. And I’m so grateful for them! If you want more information, contact me personally!