Frequency Therapy

Frequency Therapy

Frequency therapy. Its my made-up name. Brian Rosner refers to it as ‘electromedicine.’ I highly recommend you read his book on this particular issue. Frequency therapy was discovered in the early 1900’s, to the best of my knowledge. A man discovered (quite by mistake) that parasites, bacteria and viruses die when particular “frequencies” in the “electromagnetic field” hit them.

Sounds kooky, doesn’t it? The Douglas Coil and the Rife are the popular choice, while I have the GB 4000 which is not so powerful as the other two.

How does this work? There’s a programmed box/machine that transmits a frequency (in some cases more than one) when the number representing a particular frequency is entered. Connected to the machine are cords and at the end of them, something to transfer frequencies to the human body, whether hand and foot pads, a ‘coil’ you lay across the body in particular areas, or a ‘plasma bulb’ which will omit the frequency up to 50 ft in every direction.

I know, I know, it sounds kooky. But they work! Wow, do they ever work! In fact, they can kill off Lyme so quickly that a person can go septic (poison the liver) from all the dead parasites in the system. To be used cautiously.

Beginners must start slowly! For the first week I used it lightly. The toxins built up as the body bogged down while trying to ‘clean’ everything up.

It’s been my experience that detoxification is crucial. The body needs help expelling. At the particular center I attended, they were aware of this need and I was thoroughly trained in detoxing. See Detoxification for more information.

When I attended the center for 3 weeks, I’d received a clinical diagnoses for Lyme disease. I was immediately put on liver cleanse and a 3-day fast to clear the body before diving head-first into treatments. My first ‘frequency’ experience came after the fast. It wasn’t anything unnatural: a small blue box with hand and foot pads. I sat and watched a documentary while it ran.

As I had little reaction and they soon changed to a plasma bulb. That was strange: a tube-like bulb that glowed a orange-red when frequencies were being transmitted. And I got a reaction soon after. I was sick in bed for 2 days: I couldn’t think, low in energy, and just felt terrible. My detoxes helped and they actually ran a detoxification setting on the frequency transmitter.

I remember. In spite of being sick, I was so excited! It was working! Nothing, absolutely nothing in my previous experience had killed off these parasites! If I was experiencing sickness, it meant I was on the path to healing! Treatments continued for the next 3 weeks. At the end of it all, I bought my own GB 4000 and faithfully continued treatments (more than just the GB 4000) in my own home for the next year+. It worked. It still works.

These machines are effective for more than Lyme. I know someone who uses the Douglas Coil version to kill cold and viruses’ in the winter season. He never gets sick. Some people swear by them. They come with a sheets of paper, full of frequencies for various problems: muscle soreness, toothaches, colds, viruses, parasites, aid the body in expelling toxins, stimulating particular organs. It a HUGE list!

I’m all for these machines. But there is one area where frequency transmitters fail: co-infections. When fighting to rid the body of Lyme disease, I had to deal with co-infections! To the best of my knowledge, there are discovered frequencies for the king co-infections only, those of Bartonella and Babesia. While frequency therapy is an amazing option ( I don’t know what I would have done without it!), it does have its weak points. Make certain you are dealing with other issues as well (see Chinese Medicine). And should anyone know differently, I would be thrilled to hear of your discovery!

In spite of this shortcoming, I think these machines are worth the $ it takes. Most range from $1000-$2000. I do recommend buying one. Life gets busy. Bodies get worn down. It’s nice knowing you have the necessary equipment to prevent relapses. Otherwise, its easy to feel like a duck-out-of-water. The peace of mind makes it worth the extra $.

Note: there hasn’t been any study regarding frequencies and the effect on the human brain. I would recommend that you avoid the bulb method if concerned, as you cannot control where frequencies travel.

Also note that these machines are not recommended for use on young children or on expecting mothers.