Heat Therapy

Sauna. Fever treatments. Both are good and how I hated the fever treatment! It was brutal. Absolutely brutal, often taking all the will-power I had. At times I just didn’t have it. But I plugged on through.

The idea behind fever treatments (as I called them), was to bump the body’s temperature up to 102F, imitating a fever. The theory is this: bacteria and parasites in the body cannot live in temperatures of 102+. This was a dual purpose treatment: killing and weakening of unwanted ‘critters’, raised temperatures boost the body’s immune system and sweating helps expel toxins.

A hot bath (waters between 104F-106F) was the method for raising the body’s temperature. A bath, two thermometers, and submersion (exception for head and neck) were the required objects! Once the body’s temperature has reached 102, I’d stay in for 3-4 minutes, then jump out. At the center they were waiting with sheets dipped in ice water. They would wrap my body in the coldness, then 2-3 layers of blankets and put me to bed with a cold towel on my head. I’d have to wait for 1 hr. Then I could get up.

I’ll be blunt: this treatment was brutal. It was wonderful, how I felt after. But the extreme heat…sometimes it was all I could to keep my core submerged for those final 3-4 minutes, usually accompanied by tears. This one was so difficult and I would feel so helpless. And when I went home, I had to carry on with this practice 3-4 x a week!  The ice sheets? I just couldn’t do it myself. Instead, I’d finish the bath and run an icy-cold shower over my body, crawl into bed and wrap myself in blankets, sweating the night away.

I lost my thermometer partway through. Funds were short and so I continued on without it. Bad choice! I learned I ought to respect natural treatments and their requirements. I have some side effects from those non-thermometerized baths that may never leave.

I passed the most ‘stuff’ the morning after those baths. Gross stuff. Tough, coiled tissue with tiny black specks running down the center. Looked like parasites to me. At the wellness center they’d told me I would begin passing biofilms. I have no scientific evidence for this. But something did come through on a regular basis!

One of the first
One of the first


Don't ask me...I don't know what it is!
Don’t ask me…I don’t know what it is!


A coil
A coil 12 inches long


A loosened coil of tough stuff
A loosened coil of tough stuff


One of the longest, a whopping 25 inches!
One of the longest, a whopping 25 inches!


Lymes photos 020
Tiny worm-like blackness found in the center of so many a coil!


Lymes photos 024
Size of it all…



Infrared sauna. As I weaned myself off of fever treatments, I took up the sauna. Every day, I sat and sweated. Routine. Make lemon drink. Drink at least half. Move around and get my temperature up. Sit in sauna for at least 30 minutes. When dripping with sweat, jump out. Shower. Eat breakfast.

Sweating was important. My skin is my body’s largest organ and one of the ways I release toxins. When I couldn’t exercise, there was no other way but to apply exterior heat. The body needed it. So a small, one person, box sauna was the best choice. They do cost several hundred dollars but are a viable option. I used mine often. And felt better for doing it.