Immune Support

Immune support was a crucial part of my healing. It came in various forms, some of which I’ve already shared, some of which I have not: cleanses, sweating, boosting core body temperatures, diet and rest to name a few.

Life was difficult when I picked up a cold or flu! The extra energy needed to fight it drained the life from my weakened body. It took a long while to heal and I’d feel oh-so-tired!

Since then, I’ve discovered various methods for keeping off the winter bugs, though I found the best immune support was adequate sleep and holding to a healthy diet. And after, only after guarding these two aspects of my life did immune supports have a real effect on my body!

The links below lead to a second site, of how I live life with a chronic illness, and there I have recorded natural remedies and liquids used to support my body.

Natural Remedies I found these recipes worked well to kick colds, sore throats, and kept away anything I felt might be ‘coming on.’ Of course, nothing is ever foolproof. This is what has worked for me.

Boosting Liquids  I had to drink lots of liquid to keep everything feeling ‘healthy as possible.’ These drinks were wonderful and also helped keep my immune system strong against viruses, colds and such.

Though these are helpful, when its all said-and-done, rest & diet still reigned as most important. If I ignored these two thing, all the remedies in the world couldn’t reverse the oncoming cold!