Oxygen Therapy

Lyme related parasites hate oxygen…emphasis on hate. They cannot be healthy in the presence of it. For this reason, many people use Hyperbaric Chambers as part of their healing program. It will help kill off parasites and also strengthen the body.

At the center I attended they used oxygen as part of the treatment. Unfortunately they didn’t have a chamber. They ozonated water which had to be drank slowly but there was another ‘awkward thing’ they did with it.

One or twice a day, after an enema (and only after), I would visit a particular private room where I could insert a special hose (attached to a oxygen tank) up the rectum. Air would slowly & gently release for the set amount of time, after which I’d close off the oxygen valve and hold the air in for 15-30 minutes. Afterward, I could release.

They told me it may be difficult to hold in, that I should just do the best I could. Funny thing…I never had any problems. And even funnier? Only at the end of three weeks did I begin to release a tiny bit of gas! It was as if something in me needed that oxygen and it went directly to use…somewhere!

And the funniest thing? I hadn’t burped in years. My body just didn’t seem to ever release gas…not since becoming sick anyway. After visiting the center and rectally taking in oxygen, I suddenly began to experience that “normal-ness” again.

Much to my mother’s chagrin, I’d be talking and suddenly release a loud belch! I’d never really had to worry about smothering burps before. I never had them! And I certainly hadn’t the practice of holding it in! I learned, but I had some awkward moments of talking with others and suddenly (because I wasn’t accustomed to it) a belch would emerge.

Smile. Oxygen was another boost on the roadway to wellness.