Rest and Sleep

I believe 3/4 of those 2 years were spent on sleep! How I could sleep, sleep, and sleep! In fact, if I didn’t take at least 2 naps per day, I couldn’t function. These times of sleep were not quick, 20 min power naps either!

We’re talking hours. I remember particular days when I’d awaken at 8am, eat breakfast, feel exhausted and return to bed around 9:30-10:00am. At times I’d sleep until 1pm, awaken to my alarm, get up to eat a lunch and return to bed around 2 or 3pm, sleeping until 5-6pm.

I know. You’d think I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, right?


I’d crawl into bed between 8-9pm and sleep through the night, only to repeat the process the following day. Throughout the time my hormones were off, I’d try to stay up after 2pm so I’d be exhausted enough to sleep. Most often, this tactic failed to work and I’d be extra cranky and tired!

Sleep. Whew! I think I must have set some kind of record.

I was thoroughly confused. How-on-this-earth could I sleep so much?!!!

And there were days I just didn’t get out of bed. Day and night would melt together into one, and I’d sleep, sleep, sleep.

I didn’t understand it. I knew I needed massive amounts of sleep in order to function. And I knew something was wrong with me. Most of the time I didn’t feel depressed, just numb, exhausted and tired.

I’ve since learned that sleep is crucial as it enables the body to heal, to support the good so it can fight the bad.

See a general overview in the link: Importance of Sleep

Even now, as a mostly-recovered person who will always have Lyme parasites to fight off, I still need more sleep than the average person. If I feel tired or know I’ve pushed myself too hard, I mentally set aside time in the upcoming days for sleep. Naps, early bedtimes, rest from the things that tire my body.

I’m smiling, cause I’ve reached a place where I rebel at the thought of napping. Strange as it sounds, sometimes I get frustrated with my need for sleep. And after so long of not being able to accomplish the things I wished to, I find a defiant spirit coming up in me: I don’t want to nap, or go to bed early, to say ‘no’ to a friend due to my need for sleep!

I want to be normal, and normal people (in our crazy culture) don’t sleep much! And then my husband takes me by the hand, leads me to bed and tucks me in. Sigh.

He knows what happens if I don’t nap. For him, I guess I’ll take another!