Your Teeth

Once upon a time, there was a man who did some extensive research on the effects that mercury fillings and root canals had on the body (see link) Dr. Weston Price

He even printed a textbook specifically on the negative effects of the latter. Today, his works are claimed to be null by the ADA (American Dental Association) as they were at the time of his publication, yet there are more than a few people who have found Dr Price’s theory to be true in their own personal lives.

Put me down as # 1 on that list and I actually know another person whose issues (she could hardly walk and was in extreme pain) cleared up after the removal of root canals. Though she still walks long distances with a cane, she can do smaller walks without. And her chronic pain has cleared up immensely!

Teeth. My personal experience is that they matter oh-so-much!

I have no medical or dental training. Yet Dr. Price’s theories made sense to me. They really did! And I was worried! I had 3 root canals, two of which I knew had bacteria leaking into them (confirmed by a dentist’s x-ray).

My dentist wanted to drill out the fillings, clean the teeth, then re-cap them.

Perhaps I ought to have proceeded with more caution, but at that point in life, I wasn’t taking any chances! If there was a remote possibility that Dr Price’s theory was correct, not only was there a possibility I was fighting other bacteria, but it could be possible that the Lyme or co-infections had found their way into my root canals.

And I was told my GB-4000 (frequency transmitting machine) couldn’t penetrate through teeth. If Lyme or bacteria was in my root canals, there was no way for me to eradicate them from my body.

If you want the details of the full story, click here.

Long story shortened, God provided for me once again. Money came in to pay for pulling, I ended up flying to Mexico and had 3 root canals plus two wisdom teeth removed…all in 2 hrs time. Laugh or groan as you will. I’ve done both!

The next day, my energy went up, not just momentarily but truly and for long term. I felt better. I could feel more energy throughout my body. I had more stamina. And I knew I had made the right choice. I returned home and was able to work out regularly. Something had changed. Something shifted and I moved another step forward!

One thing I regret: that I did not go in for x-rays shortly after to see if all the pieces of tooth had been eradicated from the gums and bone. We just recently discovered that I have a piece of tooth that the bone has closed over. It does have a slight infection around it, and though it isn’t bothering me, I believe its important to make certain the nasty dead tooth pieces are removed!

Does my experience say that removing root canals matter? Yes. Of course, I don’t know all the details of why, all I know is that for me, it made a difference…a big difference.

In the past couples years, there’s been a movement away from root canals. Holistic dentists are taking more note of Dr Price’s theories. My hope is in the upcoming years, that we’ll say bye-bye to root canals and find something else to take their place!